Our Philosophy

All in good time

No matter what you do, life has a way of flying past you without you noticing. We lived that ourselves countless times. In the middle of the stunning Tyrolean Zugspitz Arena, we want to offer a place that feels like home; a place with space to breathe and belong, to reconnect with what is important, and where many beautiful experiences turn into lasting memories. 

When you stay at Das Halali, we offer you space to refocus, recharge and reconnect - whatever that might be for you, and however you wish to achieve it. We offer you incomparable attention, our honest recommendations and the chance to enjoy a slower pace of life, with curated and carefully selected food and drink.


Living in an area of such outstanding natural beauty, we recognise the importance of the preservation and protection of our environment. As such, we are committed to running Das Halali with environmental sustainability at its heart. From the modernisation of our building to ensure better energy efficiency, to the produce we select for our dishes and suppliers of our amenities, our main ambition is to minimise our carbon footprint and ensure we do not have a negative impact upon our ecosystem.

We are still very much on our journey to reach our goals, and it will probably take a little while before we have everything as we want it to be, but we celebrate every improvement and step we take. We hope you will join us in this!